Polish for Foreigners

Learning Polish sounds like mission impossible Well, it’s not an easy language, but you will make it!

The Polish language will feel just like home.


Our teachers are both professional and passionate about teaching this beautiful language. They will guide you through the most useful expressions and break down all the rules in an easy and comprehensive way.


You will train your skills through entertaining and engaging real-life-based conversations, games, stories and elements of popular culture.


The pace and the content are crafted individually for you.

Face-to-face classes are held at the school or the client’s headquarters. Or... other places in Cracow.
In class or online. Whatever is best for you 🙂
One class lasts 60 or 90 minutes.

Our lessons are aimed to address all your needs when it comes to discovering Polish.

Everyone has their own learning needs. Some would like to practise speaking, others might need some help with grammar. Some students come to us with a specific goal like passing the B1 exam or medical Polish exam. Some feel a bit lost after their first attempts to learn on their own. Our individual classes are aimed to address all your needs when it comes to discovering Polish. The pace and the content are crafted individually for you.


It's fun to learn in a group!

You can interact with other students and accelerate your progress with group games and activities. It is extremely important to us that you find a group that is suited for you. Not only the level of the already acquired knowledge is important, but also all the other languages that you already speak.

Separate classes for Slavic and non-Slavic speakers

It's much, much easier to learn Polish if you already speak one of the Slavic languages (e.g. Ukrainian, Russian or Slovak).
Therefore we offer separate classes for Slavic and non-Slavic speakers in order to make everyone comfortable. The non-Slavic speakers learn with the speed and methods that are best for acquiring a brand new language while Slavic speakers focus on the differences between our languages and train their new speaking habits.

How it is to learn with us?

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    Small groups

    Small groups: 4-6 people on average, maximum 10.

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    The best textbook and original teaching materials

    We combine the best and the most up-to-date textbook with our own original teaching materials and aids.

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    Modern teaching methods

    We use modern teaching methods, including CLT (Communicative Language Teaching), SL (Situated Learning), gamification, storytelling and mobile applications.

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    Experienced teachers

    Our teachers hold MA degrees in either Polish studies or foreign languages. Additionally, each teacher has completed a preparatory course for teaching Polish as a foreign language.

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    Spacious room and excellent location

    Join us in or light and spacious rooms in the very centre of Krakow.

Contact us to check the available levels and groups.

Be careful, our enthusiasm for Polish is contagious 🙂

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